Do you have a request for painting?

With passion and an artistic eye, I create personal portraits that are not just a likeness, but rather an emotional connection to the people portrayed. Each of my works is a unique interplay and arrangement of color that captures the individual character traits and stories. Let us work together to create a unique work of art that reflects not only the outer appearance but also the soul.

Contact me: [email protected] 

Proceed as follows:

1. I need a few high-resolution photos. Then I can tell you which ones are most compatible. 

2. Which style should I use? Just attach a screenshot of my previous images in your email. 

3. Which colors should I use?

4. What size should I use? How big should the painting be?

The price depends on the image template, size and destination country. 
From experience, a deposit of 50% is required via PayPal. 

Shipping is via DHL Express Worldwide. The delivery time is approximately one week. 
The picture will of course be insured and can be tracked via a tracking number.